Annual Porch Sale and Holiday Shopping comes to River Oaks

01 December 2020

Annual Porch Sale and Holiday Shopping comes to River Oaks

The month of December has always been synonymous with River Oaks’ Annual Christmas Porch Sale and we are grateful to have so many patrons eager to attend the event! Our team and featured artists have been working diligently to bring this annual event your way - this year it will take place on December 5 from 9am to 3pm! We will be adhering to current COVID-19 guidelines to keep visitors, artists and staff safe. The event has been modified to accommodate everyone during this year’s shopping experience.
“The Porch Sale strives to be an opportunity for art to be accessible - as gifts to others and perhaps sometimes ourselves,” says Rachael Dauzat, Executive Director at River Oaks. “We would like to give shoppers an opportunity to spend their money with local artists they know and admire. Giving art for the holidays tremendously aids the local art community and provides shoppers with an opportunity to give a gift that can be passed down for generations to come.”
The 2020 Porch Sale will feature guest artists Katrina Szyszkoski and Amy Glisan. On-site sales will be available in the Bolton House as well as the Studio Annex Building to spread out the number of visitors. The Bolton House will feature Leah Morace, Amy Glisan, Kayla Terrell, Aubrey Bolen, Randy Deaton, Chastity Bernard, Karen Morrow, Barry Owen, Janet Ahrens & Tish Fresh, and of course the River Oaks Gift Shop featuring Regional Artists. Meanwhile in the Studio Annex Building, you will find Spotlight Artist Katrina Szyszkoski along with Lindsay B. Moore, Dr. Denise Lott/Lauren Vines, Elizabeth Morgan, Laura Gates, Morgan Lasyone, Margie Tate, Carole Steele, Rhonda Reap-Curiel, Veretta Garrison-Moller and Dr. Jose Garcia.
Spotlight Artist Katrina Szyszkoski has an attraction to broken Hellenistic stone sculpture, American Colonial folk art and all things miniature. However, the main inspiration for her art, which centers on the female face and figure, doesn’t come from the foothills of the rockies, but from years living and traveling in Japan, where she was surrounded by the uniqueness and ambiguity of contemporary Japanese art and craft. Her mixed media figurative sculptures evoke a sense of daintiness, dreaminess, playfulness and absurdity, often with a touch of melancholy surrounding them.
The Porch Sale will continue with select inventory through December 18, affording shoppers that weren’t able to attend the event on Saturday an opportunity to purchase unique gifts. River Oaks Gift Shop is home to the works of over 200 local and regional artists and is located in the historic Bolton Home.
As part of our COVID protocol, we ask shoppers to enter the Bolton Home via the front door on Second Street and line up on the front porch. The Studio Annex Building will be accessible via the Atrium Doors facing the Oak Trees.  Please note that shoppers will not be allowed in the building until 9 am and there will be a wait-time to enter. We ask everyone to practice social distancing and masks are required for all guests. No food(chili) or beverages can be provided at this year’s event.
“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those that have supported River Oaks this year, from patrons and shoppers to resident and guest artists, we couldn’t have done it without you,” continues Dauzat. “Be on the lookout for the 2021 Membership Drive in the first part of January - we have prepared a lineup of artists and classes that is sure to dazzle and amaze and set the tone for a Happy New Year 2021!”
The Porch Sale is sponsored by GAEDA, Louisiana Division of the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, and City of Alexandria. For more information on events and to purchase a gift membership, contact River Oaks at 318-473-2670, visit or find us on social media under River Oaks Arts Center.



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