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River Oaks Square Arts Center


2020 Summer Arts Studio COVID19 Update

31 March 2020 To 01 August 2020


Summer Arts Studio Update 5/15/2020

Dear Summer Arts Studio Families,

Thank you for your loyalty, trust, and patience.  We, like you, have been challenged by some of the difficult changes the COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us to make.  Throughout these changes we have relied heavily upon the character traits and skills we work so hard to build within our campers, staff, and all who enter our studios; resilience and grit have surely been required and strengthened as we work from home, teach our children, and look for rays of hope on the horizon.
Our greatest desire is for each one of our campers to have the opportunity to come to Summer Arts Studio this summer. As our summer season nears, we are focusing on how we can responsibly and safely proceed with implementing camp.  We want to share with you the difficult decisions we have made thus far about SAS 2020.  We apologize for any inconveniences you may experience as a result of these necessary changes.
Please note, our plans and programming must be revised due to the  guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the American Camp Association (ACA), and the Louisiana Department of Health(LDH).
It will be impossible to have Summer Arts Studio in the way in which we have all come to love and cherish.  With the newest guidelines released by the state of Louisiana on May 13, the new protocols would eliminate several areas of programing we normally include during Summer Arts Studio. 

As a result, this summer we will offer a totally different program.  This summer’s program structure and projects will be unique and appropriate to the current circumstances, in order to adhere to requirements set forth by the state of Louisiana.  First, we must cancel our Culinary Arts-based Session 1.  Those of you registered for this session will be contacted by River Oaks, and tuition will be fully refunded. Secondly, if you have registered your child for Session(s) 2, 3, or 4, River Oaks will be contacting you next week to provide details on the revised camp programming.  Parents/Caregivers of campers registered for Session 2 should expect a call May 19-May 22, and we will proceed accordingly by contacting parents/caregivers of campers registered for Sessions 3 and 4 thereafter.  Again, when contacted you will be provided information about our revised plan.  One important change to programming we believe is important to share with families now is that we will not be able offer an all-day option this summer.  Please know this decision was a tough one to make, and we are truly sorry for the inconvenience this may create for some of our Summer Arts Studio families.  

We send our heartfelt thanks to all of you in our Summer Arts Studio community who are serving others during this time of crisis.  We extend our love and support to those families who have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 virus.  We hope all of our families continue to stay safe and experience good health.

Work Hard, Play Hard, & Learn from the experience,

Aubrey Bolen

Director, Summer Arts Studio

Our  Covid-19 Midigation Plan

2020 SAS Sponsors
River Oaks Board of Directors
The Dr. Betsy Long Scholarship Fund

Jackson Orthodontics
Drs. Shawn & Gregory Dowd
Tammi & Bryon Salazar
Noelle & Michael Crowell
Dr & Mrs. Will Crenshaw
The Greater Alexandria Economic Development Authority

Dirty South Cup Competition/ National Call

03 April 2020 To 23 May 2020

 6th Annual Dirty South Cup Call & Exhibition to a purely virtual platform. The opening reception which was slated for April 3rd has been canceled, but we are working diligently to feature this amazing show in a new format for home-bound audiences. This show is many-months-in-the-making and it's an exceptional feature - over 160 entries and 85 selections have created a breathtaking lineup of artists, talent, and incredible cups this year! While we are heartbroken we can’t feature it in its physical form at the Arts Center, we are thankful this call is poised for an online exhibition. We will let the opportunity propel us into our first virtual showing ever! Once all 81 accepted entries are uploaded, we will share a link on our website and via social media channels in the hopes that cup lovers from Louisiana and throughout the world virtually tour this showing of ceramics excellence. Over 165 entries from all across the U.S. were received for this National Artists Call. 

“If there were ever a show exceptionally well-suited for an online platform, it would be the Dirty South Cup Call & Exhibition,” says Rachael Dauzat, Executive Director at River Oaks. “We utilize an online adjudication system for entries into this National Call and have worked tirelessly with our industry partners to be able to deliver an online feature that can be viewed from mobile devices or with limited connectivity. It is my hope that this avenue bring some light and enjoyment into the lives of our patrons and ceramic enthusiasts everywhere.”

Our 2020 Dirty South Guest Juror is Deb Schwartzkopf, a Seattle based studio potter, instructor, author of Creative Pottery and owner of Rat City Studios (http://ratcitystudios.com). As a studio artist her goal is to make fabulous tableware that infuses life with purposeful beauty. The studio practice she has established provides a vehicle for her to continually learn about material, connect with community, and create intersections between ephemeral ideas and functional forms. The two-day workshop featuring Deb Schwartzkopf has been rescheduled for December 19 & 20.

6th Annual Cup Call & Competition 2020 ~ Winners Circle

Best in Show -- James Kelly “Mod Mug” - Denver, CO
5 - Jurors Choice Designations
Maddie Fowler “Mug” - Kalamazoo, MI
Stephen Ruby “Pink Arum Mug” - Oakland, CA
Jacob Meer “JMeer3" - Minneapolis, MN
Rebecca Lowery “Black and Vanilla Cup and Saucer” - Bloomington, IN
Caleb Zouhary “CZouhary3" - Chagrin Falls, OH

The show link will go live on Friday, April 3rd, the original opening date for the show. 
Visit: www.RiverOaksVirtualExhibitions.com

The 2020 Dirty South Exhibition is sponsored by: GAEDA, The National Endowment for the Arts and the Louisiana Division of the Arts.



16 May 2020 To 16 May 2020


#MwCaM20 Postponed

“It is with a heavy heart that River Oaks Board and Staff have decided to postpone the 20th Annual Men Who Cook Fundraiser until later in the year,” Dauzat continues. “Over the next month our planning committees will work through logistics as we fully expect to have an alternate date soon. Men Who Cook has been a staple for both our organization and the community as a whole since the year 2000 - it represents the coming together of people through the celebration of culinary and visual art, important staples of culture especially in Louisiana.”

The event was initially slated for May 16. “While teams have been preparing since 2019, we fully expect to see recipes that are a little more refined and wine that has been aged for a few extra months - making for an event like no other,” says Dauzat. Champion teams are eager to take on the competition, especially for an anniversary year celebration.

Men Who Cook & Men Who Mix (#MWCAM) is one of RiverOaks’ largest annual fundriasers.This event invites local food enthusiasts, chefs and guys who simply love to cook to prepare their favorite food or drink recipes for taste testing.

The event draws a crowd of well over 500 people each year. Dubbed as a ‘community favorite,’ MWCAM is a ton of fun for all involved..... from the chefs to its' organizers. If you want to showcase your culinary expertise or if you want a plethora of taste testing options, attend this annual event - always held on the third Saturday in May! (In our best Justin Wilson voice) ‘We guarantee’ you won’t leave hungry!!




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