Exhibitions, Collaborations and Young Artists

06 August 2019

Exhibitions, Collaborations and Young Artists

Summer is coming to a close here at River Oaks.  The last few days of Summer Arts Studio are wrapping up and our young creatives can barely contain their excitement for the upcoming Student Show, showcasing the incredible work they have produced over the summer months.   We hope you can join us on Saturday, August 17 from 4-5 p.m.  

Meanwhile the next set of exhibitions is under way, starting with Nancy Michael Susaneck and her show entitled “Our Voices, Our Stories, Our Lives.” in the Bolton Davis Gallery. Susaneck brings together her three passions, clay, beadwork and assemblage art, in unique figurative sculptures she lovingly refers to as her ‘Tribe of One.’ 

“Throughout my journey to bring the three techniques together my work has grown and changed throughout the years,” the artist recalls. “However I find that one thing holds true, stories evolve with each piece throughout the process.” Nancy was born and raised in New York City and later New York State. Throughout her childhood, art played a major role in her life and after focusing on Art in High School she moved to Paris, where she attended Le Ecole des Beaux Arts. After various career moves, marriage, raising her children and having a retail Bead Store all avenues lead back to the Arts.

As part of our GAEDA Education Series, Susaneck will provide a hands-on class entitled ‘A Journey in Hand-building - Texture, Layering and Embellishment.’ Using slab construction students will build lidded boxes deep with texture and accentuated with inspiring feet and attachments. “We will use a variety of stamps, commercial and hand made, rollers and anything that will give a texture rich slab,” says the artist. “The attachments will serve as the armatures for these  found and repurposed items, beads, and just about anything that you would like to see on your piece.” Class will also review techniques on making good joins and stable attachments for handles and lids, touching on pattern making for more complex pieces. The class will take place August 28 & 29, 2019 from 10:30 AM- 3:00 PM with a break for lunch. Suggested Skill Level is Beginner to Intermediate and the class fee is $85 / two-day class.

Additional classes for the fall will feature Rebecca O’Neal in acrylic painting classes. Rebecca A. O’Neal, artist and designer, is a licensed horticulturist and current resident artist at River Oaks Square Arts Center.  O’Neal will feature the following classes:   
Thursday, September 19 or 26,  6-8 pm Acrylic painting class focusing on harvest corn and silos, painting rural corn fields and vintage silos in a luminous study of light. 
Thursday, October 3 or 17,  6-8 pm   Acrylic painting class focusing on the iconic hay bale, painting fresh cut hay bales in scenic rural fields with reflections of the horizon in a pond.
Skill Level for both classes is beginner to advanced and each session is $125 with all supplies provided. 

The Gallerie des Amis will feature an exhibition entitled ‘Salavdo’ by resident artist, Rhonda Reap-Curiel. Rhonda is a multi-media artist working in photography, oil, charcoal, acrylic, glass, iron and mixed media. She holds two degrees from Tulane, neither of which is in art. Her contemporary pieces are inspired by music, nature, light, and movement while her traditional work captures the essence of Louisiana. Always searching for the drama of the subject, she sees beyond the surface beauty or ugliness to something that stirs her soul. Through her art, she challenges the voyeur and expresses a freedom from the daily restraints of traditional work.

“For me my art is a chance to go slow, carrying memories with me of places I’ve been and people I’ve come to know if only for a minute,” says Reap-Curiel. “It allows me to get lost from the banter and often boredom of daily activities. It’s a chance to reconnect with my soul and to understand what it is that separates me from the rest of the world, a chance not to conform, but to be an individual.”

The Stokes-Harris Gallery will feature a special exhibition entitled "The Face Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree" which features a multitude of local and resident artists: Janet Ahrens, Susan R. Corbyn, Becky O'Neal, Maria Manemann, Tish Fresh, Bridie Rollins, Jodie Rapson, Margie Tate, Elizabeth Morgan and Laura Gates. Under the guidance of instructor Janet Ahrens, these fellow artists participated in a workshop using a newfound media referred to as, sKratch. 
Conceived through biomimicry, the entomological study of wasps for the development of earth based composites & sculpting mediums, sKratch was unearthed during Ahrens recent travels to Santa Fe.  Artists of the Arts Center were quick to learn more about this popular, functional, fun sculptural  media.   The collaborative workshop focused on creative faces.  These artists didn’t disappoint and these masterpieces will be on display in the Stokes Harris Gallery.  

All exhibitions will be on display from August 30 - September 28 with an opening reception scheduled for Friday, August 30, 5-7pm. For more information, please call River Oaks at 318-473-2670, visit or find us on Facebook. 

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