Summer Arts Studio Session

03 August 2018


Every year, during June and July, River Oaks Square Arts Center transforms into the ever popular Summer Art Studio, an intensive, multimedia visual arts camp for students ages 5-13.   In thirty five days, over 180 young creatives enter our doors, don their best get messy attire, leave all electronic devices at home, prepare for awesome slushies and design/draw/paint/sculpt/cut/color/create to their hearts content!  This is Summer Art Studio and there is such a vibrant zest for life that fills these studios and halls!  SAS campers are grouped according to their ages and these teams vie for coveted bragging rights in such competitions as hula hooping, ultimate stacking cup challenges, jump roping and more!  Yes, we are more than summer camp, we are your child’s ‘favorite place to be’ summer camp!  

TEAMS 2018
Graffiti Gremlins ---- Ages  5-7
Notorious-ARTS ---- Ages 8-10
High Fires ---- Ages 11-13

As of this story, the seemingly undefeatable Notorious-ARTS (aka NARTS)   are in the lead, but who will win the overall summer challenge has yet to be determined....stayed tuned SAS campers!  Let us not fail to mention the incredible art these student’s create, from canvas to clay, campers have a ton of media at their fingertips and we showcase their incredible work in a culmination exhibition on August 18th from 4-5 pm.   Everyone’s invited. 

During 2018, with special thanks to GAEDA, River Oaks has invited guest artist/instructor, Ross Jahnke, Nicholls State Professor and print-making master, to the Studios.  Jahnke will instruct these young minds on the basics of painting, paper and print making.  Jahnke’s residency will be during Session 3 and we are thrilled to welcome him back to River Oaks.  

In the meantime, we wanted to share some of the goodness from Art Camp.  These unscripted letters from campers are just one of the many reasons why we treasure this summer experience and demonstrates why this camp resonates with so many...including our staff!

Letters from Art Camp......  
(to our bestest friends and some media)

Dear Eva,

River Oaks Arts Center is the best.  You can paint & draw in the mornings, watch movies and play games.  You get flavored slushies. You can paint and draw anything to the theme, like I made a jelly fish out of a half a paper bowl and some string and fabric.  You also have theme parties with games and challenges. We had a Luau! We played hot coconut. We also have cheer challenges. You have to make your own cheer. You  get enough stars (rewarded for good behavior).   Your team  gets candy and a big slushie.  Please come to summer camp!!!!  
Georgia - 9

Dear Lolo
Art Camp has brin  (been) awesomeness. We made soap art!  Why aren’t you here?!?  
Evelyn C. -  7

Dear Ellie, 
Art Camp is so much fun and you should come.  It is called River Oaks Art Camp. There are 4 sessions and each session is 2 weeks.  There are slushies - they are so good.  We make pottery and paint. Lunch is good too. We do parties at the end of each session.  If you want to come tell your mom to contact my mom about this.  I hope you come because it is so much fun.  They have an art show after art camp too.  
Madelyn -12

Art Camp is fun!  I get to tie die my shirt. I colored a coffee filter and Mrs. Lindsay works here and I made a beach. 
Jack Lawrence - 5

We play kick ball and next we eat together and I like painting.
Will A. - 11

Dear New York Post, 
I think Art Camp is a very fun experience. That is why I come back every year.  I like how we get to do more than one type of art.  We get to do lots of fun games and challenges.  My favorite is the jump rope challenge.  I really like the people I get to hang with, because they are pretty nice.  I’m definitely coming back.   
Chesney M.  - 12 ½ 

Dear Sidney, 
I like art camp, cause you can be yourself or anything really.  And if you mess up they will help you. And you get to play outside.  
Sarah L. - 8  

Dear Sarah, 
Camp is fun, we color and paint and play games. 
From Charlie D. - 8

2018 SAS Session’s were themed around the following:
Painting in Paradise
Celestial Inspirations
The Heart of Downtown
Forest Aspirations    
***Sessions began June 11 and end on August 3rd. 

Very special thanks to our instructors, camp leaders and directors: Lindsay Moore, Carole Steele, Carmen Lashney, Morgan Lasyone Guidry, Lisa Rozas, Ross Jahnke, Emilee Pringle, Abigail Parham, Taylor Villemarette, Spencer Sanders,  Maddie Mayer, Alaina Parham, Maddy Marlowe,  Madalyn Mayer, Cristian Stiles, Jake Sherre,  Kaley Liotto and our wonderful camp director, Aubrey Bolen! 

Thanks to our Summer Art Studio 2018 Sponsors:

The Greater Alexandria Economic Development Authority (GAEDA)
River Oaks Board of Directors
R.D. Jackson DDS, LLC
Noelle & Michael Crowell
Alexandria Pediatric Dentistry
Drs. Shawn & Gregory Dowd
Alexandria Spine & Rehab Center



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