Oct 12

Supply List for Traci Stover Workshop

Supply List for Traci Stover Workshop

1. 18 inch clear plastic ruler.
2. Triangle with 90 degree angle or T-square. If you get the ruler above, you won't need a T- square or triangle.
3. Synthetic Acrylic brush set with a varity of shape and sizes. (If you already have acrylic brushes , bring at least a 1" flat, 1/2 round,
4. Hard Graphite pencil: HB or 2B
5. 6 flip top plastic bottles https://www.michaels.com/flip-top-bottles-by-craft-smart/10194255.html?cm_mmc=PLASearch-_-google-_-MICH_Shopping_US_N_Craft+&+Hobbies_N_Smart_BOPIS_N-_-&Kenshoo_ida=&kpid=go_cmp-9972406265_adg-99939223639_ad-433378147590_pla-981059439317_dev-c_ext-_prd-10194255&gclid=CjwKCAjwqML6BRAHEiwAdquMnXKZWSJKl7RwjBZcprL3AAgpBEJZ5NifFcdjOj4ZNhpawS4AmlwBhxoCKbgQAvD_BwE
6. White drawing paper
7. Palette:  glass, around 10" x 12". Alternatively you could purchase a diposably one like the one in the link. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Strathmore-Paper-Palette-Pad-12in-x-16in/28149746



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