To expand upon River Oaks' educational mission, the Center also features high caliber demonstrations, lectures, and workshops. Considered an educational extension to the featured artist's exhibition, the Center has showcased Internationally and Nationally renowned artists through these ongoing series'. 



Pre-registration is required for all workshops. Please call the Art Center 318.473.2760 to register.


Billy Ray Mangham & Carl Block Hand Building

Heads Up! Stretching the 3D Canvas
Instructors~ Billy Ray Mangham & Carl Block
10:30a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
$95 per person
Skill Level ~ Beginner to Advanced
Limited to 8 students
Required: Own Tools / Supply List availible upon registration
Students receive 25lbs clay

This workshop will focus on the construction of the human head as a canvas for artistic statement. Four simple techniques of construction will be presented including wheel, slab, coil, hand-building. In the course of this two-day, hands on workshop we will discuss various various issues that we face as artist. We'll talk about overcoming fear and creative blockage, the importance of being in the flow, and the difference between fok art and fine art. We will revel in the joy of working with clay with a group of like minded colleagues. We will work hard and have fun!

How to be a Ya Ya!

How to Be A YaYa

June 6th-8th
$125.00 per student
Skill Level: Beginner
Limited to 25 students

"How to Be A YaYa" is geared to help any Southerner bring out their true charm, color, and seersucker enthused vibe, which has coursed through our veins and swamps for over a thousand years.

JUNE 6   6-9 pm
Evening 1: Create/ decorate a piece of Southern Folk Art such as swamp scenes, alligators, crawfish, Cajun still life's, etc. on a handmade pre-gessoed stretched canvas made by the artist herself. The size of the canvas will be 11x14. The next project in this course will be YaYa Crowns. Students will bring charms and sentimental items to add to their crowns. All other material for the crowns will be provided by the artist. At the end of this class, students should feel comfortable and confident in bringing out the South's magic and charm through folk art and craft.

JUNE 7th  6-9 pm
Evening 2: Gumbo YaYa in the Deep South means, "everybody talks at once." But, in this course, students will learn how to speak and write all at once for a special performance. Excerpts from Southern writers such as Rick Bragg, Eudora Welty, and Rebecca Wells will be introduced to the class in hopes of inspiring students with crafting their own mix of Southern short stories.

JUNE 8th   7-8 pm
A YaYa reception will be held with light snack and drink provided by the artist from 7-8 pm on Thursday, June 8th from 7-8 p.m. During the reception, students will showcase their folk art while wearing their creative clothing and crowns. A Gumbo YaYa styled reading will take place during the ceremony where all students have the opportunity to showcase their own form of Southern word.

Students must bring anything sentimental such as photos of loved ones, charms, favorite quotes or songs- any found object or passed down material that has significant meaning to the student. Some supplies included by the artist. Detailed supply list provided upon registration.

Morgan Lasyone is a local Louisiana artist. She has been creating art now for the past 8 years and has been showcasing  for the past 4. Morgan's style is along the lines of folk and fine art. Expressionism, Impressionism,  and the Deep South play a huge role in her work. Morgan has showcased in New Orleans, Natchitoches, and Alexandria  Louisiana, and Brooklyn, New York.         



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