To expand upon River Oaks' educational mission, the Center also features high-caliber demonstrations, lectures, and workshops. Considered an educational extension to the featured artist's exhibition, the Center has showcased Internationally and Nationally renowned artists through these ongoing series'. 



Pre-registration is required for all workshops. Please call the Art Center 318.473.2760 to register.


Experimental drawing workshop

Haley Prestifilippo 

Experimental drawing workshop

Friday, November 12, 10 am-4:00pm
Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced
Cost: $50

“Experimental drawing: Exploring Mediums and Marks”

Description:  In this one day workshop students will explore new ways to think about drawing, break old habits and begin to embrace the unpredictable side of various traditional mediums.  They will refine their own artistic voice through mark making and invent new ways to describe form through the act of drawing; additionally, we will discuss how to resolve an abstracted drawing through unifying composition, value, and color.  The final product of this class will be a drawing utilizing multiple mediums with various levels of abstraction or realism, and each student will gain a fresh perspective on the purpose of materials and mediums. This class is intended for intermediate students, but anyone with an open heart and desire to experiment with drawing is welcome to attend.  All students are asked to bring in a small meaningful object, from which their drawings will be based on.  Masks are required.  

Whatever dry medium attendees are accustomed to using, I encourage attendees to bring more than one type of medium (for example, colored pencils and charcoal).

Possible Supplies
3 or more pencils, a selection of the range of 4h-2b 
Vine Charcoal
Compressed Charcoal
Kneaded eraser
Vinyl eraser
Faber Castel Eraser pencil
Pencil sharpener
Blending stumps
A handful of paper towels
Color pencils 
Straight edge/ruler
Exacto/Olfa Knife
•Attendees can also bring any other drawing mediums they might be interested in trying out or experimenting with.  This will be a very open workshop in this regard, I encourage attendees to explore!

Robin Whitfield WORKSHOP: Palette & Shape of Place

Robin Whitfield WORKSHOP: Palette & Shape of Place

Wednesday, Feb 9  & Thursday, Feb 10 from 10am - 4pm

$45 per day
Most materials provided/Supply list upon registration
Workshop may be attended one or both days
Skill Level:  Beginner to Advance 
Prepare to play! 
This 2 day workshop offers Robin’s creative practice for connecting to nature with water based media. The workshop will focus on exploring wild places with both watercolor and foraged pigments as a way to relate to a place and its inhabitants. 
Day 1 - PALETTE OF PLACE /  Introduction to foraging for water, pigments and creative tools in any landscape. 
●     Explore and forage around urban Alexandria or a local natural area
●     Creative play with a buffet of foraged plant and mineral pigments 
●     Create color samples and visual ideas with a combination of created and traditional art making tools
●     Use painting, layering, collage, stencils and other methods to create finished imagery
Day 2 - SHAPE OF PLACE / Introduction to watercolor as a way to find order and relate to any landscape
●     Watercolor basics - Introduction to materials and methods in the studio and on location
●     Group exercises - practice 3 shape compositions, mixing colors on paper, balancing color relationships, playing with texture and timing
●     Individual experiences -  explore the poetry of the local landscape with problem solving assistance


Creating a Dynamic Layered Surface with Renee LoPresti

Class Title: Creating a Dynamic Layered Surface with Renee LoPresti
Dates: April 6th & 7th, 2022 (Wednesday & Thursday)
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Call (318) 473.2670
Brief Workshop Description:
In this two day workshop, we will focus on developing surface composition by layering underglazes and glaze directly onto leatherhard clay. Custom paper and reusable die-cut vinyl stencils will be used to create layered patterns, shapes, and detailed imagery. Students will be able to explore these techniques directly onto their own wheel-thrown or hand-built surfaces. The techniques and materials used during this workshop have the flexibility to be fired to any temperature/atmosphere.
Detailed Description:
Day One
We will begin by working through all of the decorating techniques on a leather hard slab ( to be rolled/prepared by myself on Friday evening). At the end of the first day, the decorated slabs will be pressed onto MDF drape molds (GR pottery forms provided by me), to transform the slabs into trays/plates.
Day Two
*Each student will need to bring 2-3 [soft] leather hard pieces for which we will decorate on the second day.
We will use the techniques (learned on day one) on these leather hard wheel thrown or hand-built pieces. Participants are encouraged to use the techniques in ways that explore their individual voice as an artist.
Supply List:
Leather hard work-
Please bring 2 soft leather hard pieces (small to medium size/ approx. 1-3 lbs each, handbuilt or wheel thrown, preferably taller than they are wide) with you to decorate on the second day (Sunday). Any clay will work with these decorating techniques, but a dark clay will give the most immediate results. If you only have access to/typically work with a light colored clay, this will also work but just takes a couple extra steps to get the contrast for imagery/designs.



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