To expand upon River Oaks' educational mission, the Center also features high-caliber demonstrations, lectures, and workshops. Considered an educational extension to the featured artist's exhibition, the Center has showcased Internationally and Nationally renowned artists through these ongoing series'. 



Pre-registration is required for all workshops. Please call the Art Center 318.473.2760 to register.


Joyful Objects for Daily Life Ceramics Workshop

Joyful Objects for Daily Life
Two Day Workshop: 
Aug 25th - 10:30am to 4pm & 
Aug 26th - 10:30am to 3pm 
(mid-day lunch break)
Skill Level: beginner/novice to advanced. Students will be able to work at their own skill level based on the techniques demonstrated. 
Cost: $100 per person - Supply list will be given upon registration.
Workshop Description:
Joyful objects for daily life: People throughout time have used clay to create objects that help bring deeper meaning or joy to their daily lives. In this workshop, participants will hand-build small clay objects with the intention of bringing more purpose and joy to their own daily rituals or routines. 
Workshop Process: Using historic and contemporary examples of ordinary ceramic objects, Mikey will demonstrate hand-building techniques used in constructing small clay forms. In addition, exercises will help participants identify meaningful “daily-use” objects to create using the techniques presented. Integrating the 2-D surface and 3-D forms using texture, surface design or patterns will also be addressed. 
Students will create work that can be under-glazed and bisque fired by the end of day 2 of the workshop and will be finished with glaze after.

“If At First” acrylic mixed media - the two-day workshop

September 28 & 29 - 10 am to 4 pm at River Oaks as part of the GAEDA Education Series.

Cindy Aune will also be on hand for an exclusive acrylic mixed media workshop titled “If At First” - the two-day workshop will take place 
“There is no right or wrong in this experimental workshop. It is an expression of your imagination offering unlimited inspiration and technique,” says Aune. “‘If At First’ you are not satisfied with your work, you will learn to paint over the parts you dislike, exposing hidden elements; always watching for un-noticed beauty to emerge. It is a fast-paced acrylic mixed media celebration, with several pieces completed. Acrylic mixed media will be our focus with a brief artist lecture and demo each morning. We will explore mixed media tips and tricks, while students dabble with texturing and abstractly painting an under-painting. Students will quick- sketch with concentration on darks and lights, along with loose applications and exploration of art materials - pushing their limits. Lots of layering and use of translucent pigments in this painting series where students will produce individual paintings with instructor assistance.”
Skill Level is beginner to advanced and the cost is $95 per person. A supply list will be given upon registration.



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