Current Exhibitions

Resident Artist Summer Show, Matt Dawson & O'Neil

Resident Artist Summer Show Adds Creativity and Inspiration to the Summer Months The Resident Artist Summer Show connects River Oaks to its roots as the concept of having artists in residency, occupying studio space in the building, has been around since the organization started. ...

Past Exhibitions

The 7th Dirty South Cup Call, Friends Of Juror, Karen Faulk

Announcing the award recipients of the 7th Annual Dirty South Cup Show and Competition: Best in Show: Chris Alveshere - "Yellow Cup" Merit Awards: 1st: Chris Pickett - "Lite Bright Rocks Glass" 2nd: Eric Hoefer - "Soda Fired Cup" 3rd: Jill Bell - "Lola ...

Reed, Morace & Hope House

Opening reception Feb. 12, 2021 Exhibition dates: Feb. 12 - Mar. 27, 2021 Bolton Davis Gallery Picasseaux Not Picasso: The Art of Dusty Reed   Stokes Harris Gallery Hearts of Hope Hope House Instructor Carla Guillory   Upstairs Birds, Beasts & Byways Leah Morace...

5x5x5, JoAnne Thompson, Ceramic Out Reach Project

Exhibition Dates: November 13, 2020 - Feburary 13, 2021 Opening Reception/Awards Presentation November 13, 5-7PM Mask Required Bolton Davis Gallery: 5x5x5 National Call to Artist Virginia R. Chavis Stokes Harris Gallery: Ceramic Outreach Projects Rapides ARC Students Galerie de Amis: Fifty Shades JoAnne Thompson ...

Traci Stover, Maria Manemann & Carol Thibodeaux

Exhibition Dates: October 2, 2020 - November 7, 2020 Opening Reception October 2, 5-7 PM *Mask required "Portrait Through Eyes"  by Traci Stover "Synthesis, A Study" by Maria Manemann "Fins, Feathers & Friends" by Carol Thibodeaux Workshop: Portraits Through Eyes • October 1st & 2nd 10:30 am - 4:00 ...
September 4 - September 26

Masa Sasaki, Karen Morrow, Marshall Blevins

Opening Reception September 4, 5-7pm
National Call

6th Dirty South Cup Call

 6th Annual Dirty South Cup Call & Exhibition to a purely virtual platform. click here for the  Virtual Show The opening reception which was slated for April 3rd has been canceled, but we are working diligently to feature this amazing show in a new format for ...

Hendricks, Washington, and Outreach Projects

February 7 - March 28, 2020 Opening Reception: February 7, 5-7pm *GAEDA Ed. Series: February 5 & 6   Bolton Davis Gallery: Rita Hendricks* Stokes-Harris Gallery: Outreach Projects: Hope House, Regency House & Matthews Memorial - Instructors Carla Guillory, Laura Gates & JoAnne Thompson ...

5x5x5 Art Show, Ceramic Outreach & Carole Steele

November 15, 2019 - Feb. 15, 2020

Julie Crews, The Photographers Guild & John Scott 3

October 4 - November 9, 2019

Susaneck, Reap-Curiel, Group Expo

Opens Friday 8/30, 5-7pm
Opening Reception 4-5 PM

SAS19 Summer Show

Everyone is welcome to view all the amazing works of art that young artist created during our Summer Arts Studio program.  Free admission and ICE CREAM.  The show starts at 4pm and is over at 5 pm. Parents can remove their childs artwork starting ...

Andrew Jackson Pollock, Fresh Ahrens, & Hope House

February 15 - March 30, 2019 Opening Reception: February 15,5-7pm *GAEDA Ed. Series: February 13-14   Bolton Davis Gallery: Andrew Jackson Pollock Stokes-Harris Gallery: Carla Guillory, Penny Abraham, Hope House Artist  Galarie des Amis:  Janet & Tish Fresh  ...
November 16, 2018 – February 9, 2019

5x5x5 Show, Barry Owen, Ceramic Outreach Program

November 16, 2018 – February 9, 2019 Opening Reception November 16th, 5-7pm Bolton-Davis Gallery: 5x5x5 National Miniature Call/Show-Juror Steve Martin Stoke Harris gallery: Outreach Ceramics Program's "Recent Works" Galarie des Amis: Barry Owen's "Many Minis"   GAEDA Workshop, November 15, with Steve Martin Miniature ...
October 12 – November 10, 2018 New Exhibitions

Becky Fos, Carroll Gautreaux & Jane Crowell

October 12 – November 10, 2018 New Exhibitions Opening Reception October 12, 5-7pm Bolton-Davis Gallery:  Becky Fos Stoke Harris gallery: Carroll Gautreaux Galarie des Amis: Jane Crowell   GAEDA Demo by Becky Fos, date TBA    ...
Spring Exhibitions

Renee LoPresti, Krista Redmond, & Bridie Rollins

August 31 – October 6, 2018 New Exhibitions Opening Reception August 31, 5-7 pm Bolton-Davis Gallery:  Renee LoPresti Stoke Harris Gallery: Krista Redmond Galarie des Amis: Bridie Rollins   GAEDA Workshop, August 29 – 30, with Renee LoPresti    ...

Summer Arts Studio Show

Summer Arts Studio Show
Summer Exhibitions

Resident Artist Summer Show, Dylan Rasch, Tony Martin

June 1 - August 11, 2018 New Exhibitions Opening Reception June 1, 5-7pm Bolton-Davis Gallery:  Resident Artist Summer Show Stoke Harris gallery: Dylan Rasch Galarie des Amis: Tony Martin  ...

4th Annual Dirty South Cup Call

April 6 – May 26, 2018 New Exhibitions Awards Presentation/Reception April 20 5-8pm Bolton-Davis Gallery:  4th Annual Dirty South Cup Call & Competition Stoke Harris gallery:The Work Of Sam Chung Galarie des Amis: Friends of the Juror   GAEDA Workshop, April 17-20, Sam Chung ...
Opening Reception 2/16, 5-7pm

Szyszkoski, Bolen, Andrews & Painting Outreach.

 February 16 – March 24, 2018 New Exhibitions Opening Reception February 16, 5-7pm Bolton-Davis Gallery: "little World Within" Katrina Szyszkoski Stoke Harris gallery: "My Southern Vernacular" Lacey Johnson Andrews Galarie des Amis: 'On Trail" J. Aubrey Bolen  Atrium:  Outreach Project with Matthews Memorial & ...

5x5x5 Call/Show, Outreach Ceramic Show, Kayla Terrell

November 17, 2017 – February 10, 2018: Exhibition Opening Reception: November 17. 5-7pm Bolton-Davis Gallery: “Triple 5” National Miniature Call Guest Juror: Linda Dautreuil Stokes-Harris Gallery: Ceramics Outreach Program Galerie Des Amis: Kayla Terrell How to enter the 5x5x5. Click Here PDF Link click HERE. ...

Sue Zimmerman, Rhonda Reap Curiel, Morgan Lasyone

Opening Reception & Art Walk: October 20, 5-9 pm Bolton-Davis Gallery: "Catch The Vision" Sue Zimmerman Stokes-Harris Gallery: "Southern Vivant: A colorful Past" Morgan Lasyone Galerie Des Amis: "Echo" Rhonda Reap-Curiel  October 18-19: Watercolor Workshop With Sue Zimmerman (GAEDA Education Series) Exhibition Dates October 20 – November 11, ...

Penny Abraham, Laura Gates & Sarah Thacker

Opening Reception: September1, 5-7pm Bolton-Davis Gallery: Penny Abraham Stokes-Harris Gallery: Sarah Thacker Galerie Des Amis: Laura Gates  October7: Mixed Media Workshop with Penny Abraham (GAEDA Education Series) Three incredibly talented women are rocking the art world this September – they are local artist, Penny Abraham, ...

Summer Arts Studio Show

4-5pm Free and Open to the Public. Juried by Instructors and Camp Staff of River Oaks' 2017 Summer Arts Studio Program, works form over 100 students will be on display in River Oaks Bolton-Davis and Stokes Harris Galleries. Come One, come all! Parents and ...

Resident Artist Annual Summer Show, Denise Lott, & Jonathan Moore

Opening Reception: July 21. 5-7pm Bolton-Davis Gallery: Resident Artist Summer Show Stokes-Harris Gallery: Jonathan Moore Galerie Des Amis: Denise Lott  ...

Billy Ray Mangham & Carl Block, Maria Manemann and Samantha Young

June 2 – July15, 2017: Exhibition Opening Reception: June 2, 5-7pm Bolton-Davis Gallery: Billy Rae Mangham & Carl Block Stokes-Harris Gallery: Samantha Young Galerie Des Amis: Maria Manemann  ...



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