2024 Summer Arts Studio Registration

2024 Summer Arts Studio Registration

SAS 24 “Back To The 90’s”

Let’s go back to where it all began: 1994! Join us as we celebrate 30 years of summers in the studios!


Session 1: Welcome Back To The 90’s 

$290 Camp (1-4:30pm) + $195 Early drop off/Allday (starts at 7:45am)

June 10-21

Core Classes: Painting, Mixed Media, Ceramics

Themed Thursday: Neon Glow Party

Wear your (fly) neon and accent your look with glow sticks as we kick off our summer with a dance party!


Session 2: Toy’s R Us

$190 Camp (1-4:30pm) + $95 Early drop off/Allday (starts at 7:45am)

June 24-28

Core Classes: 2d projects, Cooking and Mixed Media

Campers will have their chance to create art inspired by the games and toys of the 90’s. 

Themed Thursday:  Andy’s Room

The toys in Andy’s room are planning a party and you are invited, but you’ll need to dress as one of the characters from Toy Story.

Alternatively: but you’ll need to fit in with all of the toys- so dress as a character you might find in Toy Story!


Session 3: Blockbuster 

$290 Camp (1-4:30pm) + $195 Early drop off/Allday (starts at 7:45am)

July 8-19

Core Classes: Mixed Media, Acting/Props & Ceramics

Projects during this session will be inspired by the movies and cartoons of the 90's

Themed Thursday: Space Jam

Join the Toon Squad as we enjoy some wacked out games and grub. Basketball uniforms, cartoon characters and aliens are all welcome to attend this wicked party.


Session 4: The Catwalk 

$290 Camp (1-4:30pm) + $195 Early drop off/Allday (starts at 7:45am) 

July 22 - August 2

Core Classes: Painting, Acting/costumes & Ceramics

This session our art will be inspired by the rad patterns of the 90’s

Themed Thursday: The Plaid Hatter

This new spin on a SAS Classic is gonna be Da’Bomb:  The Plaid Hatter is a totally sweet event where the characters of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party meet the best fashion of the ‘90s.

No Refunds After April 28th, 2024

Summer Art Studio 2024 Sponsors:

O'Quin Financial
Louisiana Restaurant Association

River Oaks Board of Directors
Doug Young Nursery
Alexandria Pediatric Dentistry
Moffitt Orthodontics
Jackson Orthodontics
Raising Canes (Alexandria)
Dr. Betsy Long Memorial Fund
Dr. Michael & Arledge Smith
Dr. Will & Martha Crenshaw
Tammi & Bryon Salazar

Natalie and Patrick O'Quin
‚ÄčTaylor & Lauren Courville




This exciting program is carefully designed with promising young artists ages 5-13. Campers rotate through three classes each day with a break for refreshments (provided by River Oaks). Summer Arts Studio is held in the Studio Annex Building of River Oaks Square Arts Center in downtown Alexandria, La.  Each camp session incorporates projects using a variety of media. There will be ceramic projects, painting projects, acting, etc. During 2 week sessions, every student learns basic ceramic procedures like pinch, slab, and coil methods of construction. During 1-week sessions cooking class replaces ceramics class.
On the last Thursday of each session is we host our Themed Thursday event.  This is an awesome day that campers dress up, create themed day art projects, participate in unique studio group challenges, and finish the day with a party. 

The daily studio group challenges instill all the benefits that come from team-building - teamwork, communication, leadership, confidence, responsibility trust, respect, and create a unique culture at camp.

The Board of directors of River Oaks donates a camp t-shirt to every camper.  These commemorative camp shirts are brought home after Tie-Dye Tuesday. 

Our ceramics and painting studios are modern and fully equipped. Our instructors are working artists and our Group Leaders & L.I.T.s are alumni of this Summer Arts Studio Program.  We are certainly excited about the upcoming summer and hope you choose to send your young artist to Summer Arts Studio for one or more of our unique sessions.

"We Work Hard, We Play Hard and We Learn From the Experience"


Daily pick-up/drop-off schedule:

•All Day (early drop-off) Campers can be dropped off at 7:45 am
•Classes are from 1:00 - 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.
•Drop off for classes begins at 12:30 pm.
•Pick up after classes are from 4:30-5:15 pm.

ALL-DAY (Early Drop-off) Option Available.

Drop-off starts at 7:45 AM.  All-day campers have a less structured morning schedule.hang-out.  They play games, yoga, dance, karaoke Friday, watch movies, small art procects, served a snack, play outside, free play and get to hang out with thier friends until classes start at 1PM.  There are no tardies and drop-off is at your convinence. 

We will not be able to provide lunches for all-day campers.  All-day campers will need to bring their own lunch in a lunchbox with their name on it. We still provide a morning snack.



Contact Camp Director Aubrey Bolen for more information before February. 318.473.2670

If you are a Summer Arts Studio Alumni you can start volunteering at age 14.



This summer you will need to become a member through the online registration platfrom to register for camp. 

Choose a membership level here:

1. Clementine Hunter Level  $50 

2. Grandma Moses   $75 

3. Andy Warhol  $100 (Patron) 

4. Picasso  $200 (Silver Patron) 

5. Rembrandt  $300 (Gold Patron)








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